Poly Acryl Gel Clear Glitter No. 107 15g

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Poly Acryl Gel Clear Glitter No. 107 15g

Is as flexible as gel and yet stable like acrylic. It can be perfect set as it neither runs into the edge of the nail nor hardens prematurely. The fast processing is another plus point. All nails can be cured in the light curing device at the same time and usually only a little re-filing is required. The acrylic gel has a very good adhesion and causes no to a maximum of low heat development. It is particularly suitable for classic French modeling and full cover.

Features: a

  • Due to its extremely high viscosity, acrylic gel does not run into the nail edges and is very easy to model.
  • Adhesion, processing and stability correspond to those of acrylic powder.
  • Also suitable for tip and template modeling, natural nail reinforcements or dual system tips.
  • The Nails-Factory Slip Liquid, which does not smell and serves to prevent the brush from sticking to the material, is used for optimal modeling.
  • Curing for 120 seconds under UV and 60 seconds under LED.

Application & Tips:

  1. Prepare the natural nail - push the cuticle back and remove it from the nail plate, carefully roughen the nail plate with a buffer.
  2. Apply a thin layer of dehydrator.
  3. Pour some slip liquid into a container and moisten the spatula.
  4. Squeeze some material (the size of a pea) out of the tube, remove it with the spatula and place it on the nail.
  5. Moisten the brush with the liquid and push the acrylic gel into position with light pressure and press.
  6. Once the structure has been created as required, cure for 120 seconds under the UV and 60 seconds under the LED lamp.
  7. If necessary, remove the sweat layer with cleaner and file the nail into shape.
  8. Create and / or seal more nail art.

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