Nail Polish LGBTQ Pride Set

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Our 2022 Pride Collection is here!

This nail polish acts like a moisturizing mask on the fingernails. It can be used every day. The composition is solvent-free and environmentally friendly. The polish is perfect for people with dry, brittle and sensitive nails. It also stands for the 18 Big Free Formula, which means that it was made without toxins and is therefore very suitable for children. It is absolutely odor free.

Thanks to the peel-off formula, the colors can be peeled off at any time and changed as desired. Clean and dry the nails. Then apply 2 thin layers of the nail polish. The drying time depends on the body temperature. The warmer it is, the faster the paint dries. In any case, the drying time is super short. Then apply a top coat. Let each layer dry thoroughly.

Properties: free from formaldehyde, free from toluene, free from ketones, free from DBP, free from phthalates, free from polyurethane, free from petrochemical solvents, free from polyurethane film-forming agents, free from formaldehyde-like derivatives, free from parabens, free from Kamper, free from mercury, free from lead, free from FD&C, free from coal tar, free from gluten, free from wheat and wheat-like products, free from aromatic hydrocarbons.


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