Apple gold mirror pigment – ​​Rose gold M01

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Apple gold mirror pigment – ​​Rose gold M01

These pigments are truly magical and so easy to apply! Our high-end pigments are quick and easy for every WOW effect, suitable for beginners and professionals.

How does it all work?

When the nail modeling is finished and filed into shape, apply a gel color or shellac of your choice and cure. The pigment comes into its own when a black color is underlaid.

  1. Rub the pigment directly onto the cured paint. If there is a layer of sweat: remove it dry beforehand = do not use any cleaner. .
  2. When the desired color is cured and the pigment is applied, seal with a non-bleed sealer. For this we recommend our Top Coat Mr. Sealer or simply a sealer without a sweat layer. There is also the option of simply peeling off a dry sealer with a sweat layer with a cellette.


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